Guest Appearances

Do you have something to say? A story to write? A love letter? Hate mail? Junk mail? Do you want to arbitrarily limit yourself to one hundred words? If this describes you, then feel free to send in your submissions after your therapy session. I will post them on this page with any credit you wish to have added. Hopefully, I’ll be able to force my friends into sending some so that this page won’t be as sad and lonely as it is now. Please help me out here. I’m already crazy enough as it is for starting this site.


09/09/10 - Dana

09/10/10 - Dana

09/11/10 - Dana

09/25/10 - Michael

11/22/10 - Stories Inc.

11/24/10 - Diego

12/18/10 - Stories Inc.

01/31/11 - Cheryl

02/28/11 - Diego

03/25/11 - Tree

03/29/11 - Kurt?

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