Tuesday, March 29, 2011


There is nothing that I can say... to make this submission any less odd. But, for some reason I can't help but posting it anyway. From the author himself (oops, herself):

Kurt "Vonnegut" Pitzer is a passionate writer and lifelong student of philosophy. She enjoys mulling over the unknown and sharing her ideas through stories (such as this one.)

            “Fourty six grams of whole grains per serving”, said Joebertia as he ejected from his cockpit. “That’s all I am, fourty six grams.”

            As he fell he heard the cries of the other pilots, all falling hopelessly into the black, large unknown. To them, this was the end. Like true Buddhists, they had nothing left to live for. 

            But Joebertia was the nihilist that all Buddhists secretly wished they could be. Remembering the words of his favorite philosopher Queen Elizabeth, he used his remaining hand to unhook his parachute from his golden throne.

            “I’m back, and I’m mad,” he intimated.


  1. Love it so many ways to read this and its sticking in my brain. wait was that the reason?