Friday, March 25, 2011

A Tree of Knowledge

Today is a nice day for a guest submission, I think. Luckily, I just checked my virtual P.O. box, and one just happened to appear! Let's let him introduce himself:

Tree is a person who likes to think, read, and write. These things are very good for a blogger, so he became one. On his blog he writes weekly about anything on his mind, usually well thought out. His aim is to encourage people to think more about their life, as they see his thoughts on his own.

Here we go:

What is a word? Does it restrict, or set free someone’s mind? The less words the more imaginative; the less words the more confronting; the less words the more moving.

Maybe like Jazz? You need to be skilled to play badly. You need to be creative to write concisely. Somehow, popular culture is wrong. (Amazing!) Intelligence isn’t to write long, it is to write short, but still explaining the difficult.

Like the boy who had to write a 20-mark essay on courage. He just wrote “this” on a blank paper and handed it in, getting full marks. The real intelligence.

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