Saturday, September 25, 2010


That's right folks, I have more than one friend. Our newest guest is a good friend and an even better enemy, the one but not only Michael. When he isn't busy coming up with futile arguments, he's a writing machine. Luckily for me, he stopped at 100. Here it is:

My chair is padded, but not enough to make it super-duper comfortable, although on the other hand, it is reasonably so. At any rate, I'm sitting on it trying to decide what to do. I do have my computer. All its original Apple sexiness is basically gone, now its just another fixture in my life, not unlike my reasonably comfortable chair. I think to myself of the 1,000 things I could do, and I don't do any of them. Instead I tool around on my computer, flitting from one pointless website to another. Ah, the faded joy of Saturday mornings.

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