Saturday, September 11, 2010


 At this point it would be a valid jump in logic to say that Dana might be my only friend. Sometimes, I wonder. She has now swept the podium of guest submissions with her third installment in three days. Chalk it up to her insane passion for 100 words, people. Here we go:

oh, darling.
you have become quite used to being talked at
in this strange and circular manner-
haven’t you?
you must sort through terrible metaphors,
badly formed and hardly representative of a whole.

what I suppose this is
what it must be classified as
is a sort of apology, a mangled mea culpa.

you deserve complete sentences,
the kind with nouns and verbs and thoughts.
baby, I don’t have what you need.

I suppose it doesn’t help that the only inroads you are afforded
are disjointed/ unintelligible.
I suppose you must learn to embrace incoherency.
It's all i really have.

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