Saturday, December 18, 2010


A big thanks to the storied Stories Inc. for yet another great submission. As always, you can find this story and many more here
Three minutes of fame was all she asked for.

A crew member signalled it was time. She nodded, getting ready. Standing in the opening to the arena, she heard the crowd roaring, stamping their feet, impatient for her. A bell tolled.

Insecurity crawled up on her. Should she smile or keep a straight face? And what kind of smile? Mysterious? Girl-next-door style? Should she be tempting, beckoning, maybe a slight bit naughty?

She plunged forward from the curtains, enshrined in spotlights, and strode across the catwalk in a leopard print bikini holding up a sign saying “Round 2”.

Applause resounded.

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  1. Oh I like this one very much, keeps you guessing until the kind of story!