An Intro is Worth 100 Words

Hello, readers, if indeed anyone will read this. This site will attempt to force myself into writing. As an engineering major, I doubt I’ll be asked to write a love story involving water, salt, and that mischievous solubility constant. Why, then, am I limiting myself to one hundred words? While I do love writing, my perfectionist expectations coupled with my fry cook of a work ethic don’t always make the perfect team. One hundred words are enough for a coherent story, and reining in my tendency to ramble is an important endeavor. And yes, this introduction is one hundred words.


  1. That 100 words-thing is a great idea! And effective too, I reckon. Think I'll give that a try from time to time, invent fellow-Hubbers to do so too (linking here, of course). Next time I have a long bus trip, I know what to do :)
    Keep it up!

  2. This is a great idea for a blog. Keep up the good work :]
    And I'm in complete agreement about your comment on my blog concerning math references in blog posts. After my first college math class this past semester, I have a new appreciation for math since I've discovered I don't completely suck at it like I though I did in high school.

  3. I think it's a wonderful idea. And you never know if you might get a bigger idea out of it.

    Writing keeps your brain going, so keep this up :-)

  4. I think the 100-word idea is great, and as a molecular biology major who is also a writer and who relishes anything that has to do with literature, I'm right there with you. I understand about striking a balance but still being true to both. Keep it up!

  5. Now there's a challenge I must try some time. I normally write between 850-1200 words (my subject matter requires some good descriptive on occasion!) but your idea has prompted some interesting thoughts now! I have come across competitions that require one hundred words exactly, so for that aspect alone, this could be a worthy exercise.
    I much prefer to read short snappy articles than anything too long winded, so keep up the good work. As Stella points out... it keeps the brain going! Thanks for the idea.
    PS I like your layout (exactly one hundred words – there, I did it!)

  6. Beautifully written !!

    Really liked your style n views !!!

    Keep up the work !!!!

    And its written in 1oo Letters !!!!!

  7. I like your poems very much! I've just started blogging poetry, I'm way behind your output. I like your style a lot. Keep it up!


  8. That is really refreshing. Unlike mine, (which is pretty lengthy) yours is just quick to read! Love the idea!

    Do check out mine if you get the time!