Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stop That Penny!

Well, what have we here? Another excellent guest submission, that's what. Coming our way from Diego, an aspiring writer with a hidden talent for 100 words. To find more of his writing, check out his blog

Son wanted to go to the park today to throw some coins into the little fountain there, I once told him it was a wishing fountain. I tell him to grab some small coins off my dresser while I find my keys. He's so happy to toss those shiny pennies into the algae consumed water. I watch him, smiling, until I notice the distinctive color of my rare 1943 bronze-minted penny, the coin flailing majestically through the air as its launched from that small hand, almost as majestic as my own form as I dive headfirst into the shallow muck.


  1. Hilarious. I would've gotten the pennies out any way... Just kidding. Well done!