Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Page's Mistake

I had been reading in the library for far too long, when the lights shut off. Now, I try to be inconspicuous for the most part, but surely the staff wouldn’t lock me in. I wandered the shelves, until...

“Hey! Over here! Do you think we’re stuck?”

I had never seen her before, but tonight fate had intervened. We would sit down and talk about silly stories that we had never told anyone else, retracing the steps our lives had taken to this darkened building.

“No wait, I’ve just tried the door. Boy, that could have been scary. Goodbye.”



  1. well, that's what i like to call a BUZZKILL!

  2. i'd also like to say that the security word i had to type to prove that i'm literate was "fuuuch". i'd be all right with you coming up for a meaning to that word and using it frequently.

  3. Haha nice! Hit me back, alphabetalife.blogspot.com