Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Blog is Worth 150 Posts

He was in it for the long haul, an appropriate expression considering the hefty backpack he was currently lugging cross country. Though his legs felt heavy, his supplies had become as light as his starved frame. He pulled out his last Powerbar, and began to hallucinate, of the woman he loved.

“Run to me darling, or I shall never look back.”

And so he followed her words, clung to them, until finally he collapsed onto her doorstep. The mat beneath him read, “Welcome,” but only her words could confirm this. As the door opened, she gasped.

“Couldn’t you have driven?”


  1. it's the powerbar.

    he totally could have made it in half the time if he went for a clif bar. TOTALLY.

  2. Good post. It's very thought provoking.

  3. but it is, in his best efforts to exhaust his very last breath to go to her that makes it so.. sweet. i like this.

  4. Scott, sir, you are quite a good writer.