Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Fuzzy Update

Dear readers,

I’m not the type to use that expression, but I know someone who absolutely hates the phrase, so there you go. I don’t have writer’s block or anything, but I feel like a short break from the blog is good every now and then. I guess you’ve noticed that I don’t live up to the title here even in the most productive of times. However! I’ve been thinking of this interesting idea during my time in the shower, and gosh you didn’t need to know that. But hey, Camus was a well known shower thinker, and look at him now. Dead. Um, but alive in all of our hearts, you know? What a guy. Ahem, so yes, that should be a somewhat longer piece of writing, and as soon as I finish it, this will be the first place to see it.

Interesting story, by the by, and I say that very lightly, as interesting things rarely happen to me. I settle for the mediocre. Well, I was playing tennis the other day, about the only obsession in my life, and I had an interesting realization about my vision. For those who don’t know, and I will assume that’s all of you, my eyes are about as effective as a drunken eagle’s. So...halfway decent. I have an odd mix of one eye which is far sighted, and the other near sighted. I’ve never really used glasses, though, so my brain has grown accustomed to managing. It manages all right, almost too well. This became rather apparent to me when I tried to put on a new pair of glasses while playing tennis. With the new correction, I could barely see the ball at all! As it came toward me, it split into two images. Weird, I know. So after whiffing on a few balls and hitting a few unlucky pigeons (that’s not true) I took the cursed pair off. It turns out, and this is just an educated guess on my part, that my brain shifts from one eye to the next as their respective strengths are needed. When the ball is far away, I use my left eye, and as it comes closer, I use my right. After playing for years and years in this manner, it’s too late to go back, and my brain keeps the same tactic even with glasses on. punchline, just something I found fascinating. Until next time.

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  1. I'd steal your eyes and brain if I could, just so you know.