Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I’ve realized that these long titles are nothing but a distraction for those kind blogs who have my humble little publication on display, and perhaps it would be selfish of me to create another but you know to hell with it, throw caution to the wind, I hear it flies well, or maybe it just likes a good breeze, don’t we all, no, okay but yes this is the last part of the arc because it’s just so hard to create tension in 100 words because it’s over before you know it, you know, I know, that’s why... (Part 2)

“Are we all agreed?”



Yes, it was obvious that we should stick together. With the scream still ringing in our ears, anything else would be idiocy. Still, our initiative to wait around wouldn’t garner us any information. Our location, our fate, we were blind in the darkness.

And then we were blinded by the lights. They gave us no comfort. We were situated on one end of a large ballroom, empty but for ourselves and a massive door. The ornate decorations provided a haunting contrast to the pit that separated us from freedom. And then I woke up.

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  1. hahah your title definitely got my attention on the followers reader list =)