Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This was my dream last night, but not really, since I don't dream in 100 words, well, that's a lie I might now since I just care so much you know but really I'm serious I dreamed this and I might finish the story and I'm sorry if it's depressing okay I just think like that sometimes you know change it up and whatnot it’s not really that interesting and to be honest I forget the dream mostly but don’t we all I don’t know but okay this title is getting ridiculous so I'll see you tomorrow bye (Part 1)

I awoke into a dream, unaware of the nightmare soon to follow. I could hear the groans of others before the edge of darkness faded and their silhouettes came into view. Four of us, including myself. I felt my way around our situation, and even in the heavy darkness, no, because of it, the outline of our prison was understood. The oppression of a closed room made the air suddenly taste stale. Had we been kidnapped? Drugged? None of us were thinking clearly.

            I’ll never forget her scream. Piercing, a fatal decrescendo, down into the abyss. Save us, please. Please.


  1. Aha! I've been thinking about this for a while and I think I know what you're hinting at!!!

    Imagine, a doubles match with Nadal and Murray vs the Williams sisters. As Nadal makes another one of his near perfect serves, Venus suddenly realizes that the ball that will soon be rocketing directly into her face represents the perfection of modern tennis. Knowing that as a woman, and also because she isn't Nadal, she'll never be able to match Nadal's prowess she screams and tries to dodge the ball.

    But is it too late?

  2. i think it would be very interesting if you countinued the story. has a good feel to it to be at least a chapter then 100 words

  3. This is quite strange...I tried my hardest to find some irony or biting wit within the text itself (though I suppose that monstrous title fulfills that requirement nicely...) but there was none to be found! I'm guessing we're being set up for something. Your move sir.