Thursday, March 10, 2011

A request, a plea, what have you.

You might have noticed a certain number next to the label I so appropriately titled “100.” Or perhaps you haven’t. I’m not one to judge observancy. Well, whichever it is, that number at this moment in time is 99. A nice number, for sure, but with the addition of 1 more story, I will have reached a pretty darn cool milestone.

However! I have decided to torture you for a while longer, and won’t write one for a bit. So I shall ask right now a favor of sorts. In the next week, which oddly coincides with some important finals, I hope to showcase some of your writing. Anybody can participate,

“Yeah, yeah, we know the drill, Scott. 100 words, and you’ll submit it before we can say ‘don’t submit that!’”

No! Nope! It can be close, but make sure that your story is anything but 100 words. 98 words? Great! 103? Never better! 101 Dalmatians? Sure, go ahead.

I have nothing really to offer you if you do help out, but you will always hold a special place in the empty void certain people call a heart. Thank you.

Find my contact info here.


  1. Ah but surely there must be a limit! You don't want someone submitting some crazy 327 word story now would you??

    Still, you can count me in of course.

  2. Sure, I don't mind. 327 minus 13, an arbitrarily unlucky number, and divided by 10 gives you pi, and everyone loves pie.