Friday, March 4, 2011


“Guaranteed to grant one wish!” read the promotional poster. While Peter was normally a window shopper, he decided to leave his glass hobby behind for an even better room decoration. The Genie Lamp, a foolproof way to attain all that is imaginably imaginable. Imagine, money that grows on stylish trees. Imagine, a life with no disease, heartache, headache, or dust bunnies. Imagine, the past and future at your infinite disposal. He stopped imagining, and imagined that his wallet would soon be lighter. Rubbing his hands in anticipation, he glanced at the back label. “Your dream of brighter, more efficient lighting...granted!”

1 comment:

  1. ah. yeah, that's a good dream to have granted i guess.
    what if when you turned the lamp on, a new galaxy was created,
    full of terran worlds and a second you was created that you
    could communicate with through thinking. in fact, you could see
    what he was seeing whenever you wanted. in double fact, he was
    really an extension of yourself and you learned how to control
    both yourself and your second self at once.
    that'd be kinda cool right?