Monday, May 2, 2011

Friction is F uN

He was in a predicament.

"I'm in a predicament," he thought, as the mountain of snow trundled happily along at fatal speeds behind him.

Luckily, our youthful protagonist had a good background in high school physics.

"Well, assuming that the angle of this inclined plane is... and given that the coefficient of friction is low enough to be negligible... what the hell do I weigh in kilograms again?... do I reach a terminal velocity or is that just for freefall... oh god, I'm blanking on the free body diagram. Oh fudge, aaaauuugh!

Well, not that good of a background

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  1. Oh this story comes at the perfect time! I was just thinking about how well Nadal plays, and I realized it comes down to simple physics. As you might guess, the ball is affected by gravity. What you may not know however is that Nadal's forehand is so strong that it creates a gravitational field and pulls the ball where he wants it. Pretty complex stuff!